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March 30, 2020 Staircase Ideas

Design Marble Staircase

Design Marble Staircase – Designing a staircase is a fun project, but it can result in a complete disaster if you do not insert patterns and themes that are already in your home. Marble tiles are a classic choice stairs. Marble tiles are available in three different versions. For an intense shiny surface of the stairs, glazed or polished marble tiles are the best choice. This finish is also the best choice to emphasize the veining in marble. Scratches and blemishes affect the appearance of the shiny tiles, but they are easy to clean.

Amazing Marble Staircase

Amazing Marble Staircase

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If you look at the architecture of your home and how you choose to decorate it should give you a good feel for how to design your marble staircase. Honed marble tile has a more mat finish, making them better suited for high traffic stairs because they do not show scratches as easily as polished tile. Tumbled marble tiles give an antique look to the marble with its rounded, worn edges. These plates also are well suited for high-traffic stairs and provide increased traction with its battered the surface.

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The staircase railing should also complement spurt material for design marble staircase. The marble steps look great with marble or wrought iron railings. Wrought iron railings also have their share of advantages: You can have the manufacturer adjust the shape and design any way you want, and it can be painted a few different colors.

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