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February 15, 2020 Lamps

Easy Lava Lamp Experiment

Did you know that you can create your own lava lamp experiment only with ingredients you have at home? It is very easy to do and all children are fascinated to see the effects of colored bubbles that do not stop going up and down. This craftsmanship sure you will love. To create your lava lamp experiment you need: A transparent glass jars as high as possible, Water, Colorant or liquid ink of some color, Glitter (optional), Vegetable oil, Salt and / or Alka Seltzer (to enhance the bubbles), a flashlight.

Red Lava Lamp Experiment

And now we tell you how to mount the lava lamp experiment step by step: First of all fill ¾ parts of the bottle with water. Add a few drops of coloring until you like the color the water has taken. If you have it, add a small teaspoon of glitter to give the formula a brighter touch. Now just fill the bottle with vegetable oil. You will see that the two liquids are separated but it is already normal.

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Now let’s make the lava lamp experiment work and how do we do it? Well with salt! Pour a spoonful of salt into the bottle and you will see what happens. The bubbles will be created little by little and will rise upwards in an almost hypnotic way. It’s great! If you want a more immediate and bubbly effect, another option is to use an Alka Seltzer tablet. In this case we recommend that you invest the proportions in the liquids. ¼ part colored water and ¾ part vegetable oil. Throw a piece of pill into the mixture and you will see how it bubbles up. You cannot stop looking at her! Finally, you can close the light and put a flashlight behind the bottle. It will be illuminated and the effect will be even more spectacular. Do you dare to try the experiment? You will have a great time!

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