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Glass Deck Railing Construction

Glass Deck Railing Construction – The upper deck really requires a safety feature to keep objects from walking away from the edge. And heavy glass railing is a way to not only make deck safer, but also improve the appearance of the deck itself. Glass rails are typically encased in an anodized aluminum frame. Although some have been rounded and polished edges, called “folded” edges

Modern Glass Deck Railing

Modern Glass Deck Railing

Installing the base plates to the glass deck railing after the first design, use the heaviest class with stainless steel screws that fit through holes fundamentals. Check your measurements are often as much as 1/8 inch difference can be problematic when working with glass panels. Mount the posts and bottom channel bottom channel holds the glass up and posts keep glass sheets from moving from side to side. Use stainless steel screws to hold the posts and channel in place. Ensure that no screw tip is visible on the inside of the upright or the bottom groove. Where the glass will to sit Glass is very strong, but a small scratch with a screw can make a whole box dangerous place felt or urethane pads of each screw fastening location, or other protrusions

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Gently lower each panel in the tracks on the sides of each pair of poles the glass deck railing, should fit snugly into the bottom of the channel not force the glass in place do not tap into place with nothing but light wiggle box until it stays in place there should be a gap of each side of the aluminum profile and the vertical edge of the glass around 1/8 1/4 This allows the deck to move during the year, and do not end up with a series of cracked glass panels

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