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May 4, 2020 Lamp Ideas

Ideas Mermaid Lamp For Dinner

Having a candlelit dinner is a great idea, but you really need at least one mermaid lamp in order for you to see what you are eating without ruining the romantic mood. Adding a lamp, or even two, on the side board can help with this and also give the room a more complete look.

Mermaid Tiffany Lamp

In a dining room, mermaid lamp for table can help add extra light from what you get from a chandelier or other overhead lighting. On a side board or a surface besides the dining room table, look for a design that is dramatic with plenty of height. Your lamp should be between 20 and 36 inches in height. But remember that a lamp should not be so tall that it reflects light into your eyes while you are eating.

19 Inspiration Gallery from Ideas Mermaid Lamp For Dinner

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Image of: Mermaid Lamp Style
Image of: Mermaid Lamp Vintage
Image of: Black Mermaid Lamp
Image of: Mermaid Lamp Design
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Image of: Mermaid Lamp Ideas
Image of: Nice Design Mermaid Lamp
Image of: Mermaid Lamp Shade
Image of: Wonderful Design Mermaid Lamp
Image of: Mermaid Lamp Images
Image of: Mermaid Floor Lamp
Image of: Luxury Mermaid Lamp
Image of: Mermaid Lamp
Image of: Amazing Design Mermaid Lamp
Image of: Mermaid Table Lamps
Image of: Mermaid Tiffany Lamp
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When you host a dinner, you will most likely want your mermaid lamp or table lamps located at either end of a side board so you can keep your food, dishes, and other items in the center. Don’t go with a super large lamp shade, since most side boards are generally slim. If you have a lamp that you want to use a narrower shade on, you can just take the lamp to a store that sells lamp shades. That is really the best way to ensure a perfect fit. A shade that is opaque with a metallic inside in either shiny nickel or gold will give off a romantic glow.

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