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July 7, 2021 Porch Light

Installing Porch Lighting

Porch lighting – There are very few quick solutions when it comes to home improvement. Nevertheless, recessed lighting has been mentioned as a moderately easy way to dramatically change the feel of the feel of your living room. In just a few steps you can accent standout spatial features in your home with this type of lighting. Here’s how.

Antique Porch Lighting

Antique Porch Lighting


12 Inspiration Gallery from Installing Porch Lighting

Image of: Vintage Porch Lighting
Image of: Traditional Porch Lighting
Image of: String Porch Lighting
Image of: Staggering Porch Lighting
Image of: Pool Porch Lighting
Image of: Modern Porch Lighting
Image of: Innovative Porch Lighting
Image of: Front Porch Lighting
Image of: Custom Porch Lighting
Image of: Concept Porch Lighting
Image of: Bulb Porch Lighting
Image of: Antique Porch Lighting

Prepping for installation

Contact a lighting designer or expert who can give you an electrical plan for your lighting. Porch lighting should not only look good. They should also adhere to your home electrical installation. Select suitable recessed luminaires according to your room needs. Are you lighting a narrow hall, a work of art or a family living room? Keep this in mind when shopping for fixtures.

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Locate the locations where the porch lighting will go into the ceiling using a tape measure and measurements from the lighting plan. Select each spot on the ceiling using a ladder and marker. Stick a wire hanger through this mark and on the ceiling. This will help you determine where the rules are in your roof. If you have wind access, you can see where the rules are relative to the top of the wire hanger. The rules do not allow for recessed light boxes so you will want to avoid this by seeing that there is enough space between each.

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Tips and warnings

Make sure the power is turned off before starting this lighting project and make sure your home has enough power to avoid circuit overload.

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