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June 14, 2020 Staircase Ideas

Setting Staircase Banister

Staircase banister – Most handrails are made of wood or metal and are fastened to the inside of a staircase with consoles in the design of the home or building. These require only a few tools and materials and do not require a lot of technical skills to complete. All materials are available at most home improvement and hardware stores. An assistant helps the process go more smoothly if at all possible.

Staircase Banister Basement

Staircase Banister Basement


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Measure the front edge of the bottom floor to the top floor with a tape measure. Subtract 6 inches from this measurement to give you the length of the handrail to the wall. Sand the edges with course sandpaper to round the edges and remove the sharp corners. Finish it with a little polishing with fine sandpaper to smooth the surface staircase banister.

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Slide a stud sensor along the wall just down from the top step and mark the location of the pin on the wall with a pencil. Repeat this process that runs up the wall from the lowest step.  Do the same for the top step along the marked stud. These are the places for the wall bracket of staircase banister.

Place the brackets at points on the wall and not the location of the mounting holes. Make sure that the angle of the bracket goes up parallel to the stair. Move the railing of the bracket and line up the holes. Place 1-inch wood screws and tighten them down firmly with a screwdriver or screwdriver.

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