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April 15, 2020 Nightstand Ideas

Staining Unfinished Nightstand Oak Veneer

Use of a spot on the unfinished nightstand oak is quite easy and you can choose any color you like it. Several types of stains for unfinished wood work well on oak veneer to give it a different shade, bringing up the highlights of the wood grain. The dyeing process is fast, does not involve many tools or materials, and can be done inside or out.

Antique Unfinished Nightstand

Antique Unfinished Nightstand

Place the unfinished nightstand on a drop cloth. Sand the wood surface with a 180-or 220-grit sandpaper. Always sand the wood with the grain. Grinding against the tide will scratch it. Sand lightly to make sure that the veneer has a smooth surface. The grinding not only smoothes the surface, it opens the tree so it will absorb more stain.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Staining Unfinished Nightstand Oak Veneer

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Image of: Unfinished Nightstand Oak
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Image of: Unfinished Nightstand Wood
Image of: Unfinished Nightstand
Image of: White Unfinished Nightstand
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Dry out in all parts of unfinished nightstand. Canned air or a compressor will loosen the sawdust, but the nightstand still to be dried down, once the dust settles. Apply the stain with a soft brush or soft, lint-free cloth. Always stain with the grain so that the coating will be evenly applied. Wipe excessive stain with a lint-free cloth. As the oak has an open grain, make sure there are no disadvantages or lint particles to stick to it until you apply a varnish or shellac.

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