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April 17, 2020 Staircase Ideas

Staircase Storage Design Drawings

Staircase storage – Although not as common as the bathroom slipping and falling. There are few household accidents are more frightening than slipping on the basement stairs. Easy method of improving the safety of the household is to install the stair treads, if your basement is mainly use for utilities and storage. The vinyl material is probably best suited for your installation.

Small Staircase Storage Plans

Small Staircase Storage Plans

Although there are more stylish types of staircase storage which may be more suitable for basement stairs that leads to the family room or other public places. Vinyl offers the best value if your indoor safety concern. If looks are important, a “finished” look can be created by adding a stair bay to face the steps.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Staircase Storage Design Drawings

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Image of: Spiral Staircase Storage
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Image of: Staircase Storage Design Options
Image of: Staircase Storage Design Plans
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Image of: Under Staircase Storage Plans
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Staircase storage this improves safety by increasing the coefficient of friction between the shoe and the stairs. Raised horizontal striped pattern increases friction and reduces the possibility of slippage. They also reduce the general wear and tear on the steps. Tread basement stairs might be very suitable for houses with residents at opposite ends of the age spectrum. Both children and senior citizens have balance problems that put them at greater risk for slips in the basement stairs. They are usually attached to the ladder, but also can be nailed or tacked. Water-based adhesives are suitable for most installations. Floor epoxy adhesive is recommended if significant moisture is present.

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