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October 15, 2020 Lamps

Swag Lamps For Convenient Lighting

If you think of disco, peace signs and folk music when you think of swag lamps, you’re not alone. You might be surprised to learn, however, that today’s swag lamps come in the most ultra-modern styles imaginable. You can certainly find retro swag lamps that look like they’ve been lifted right out of a 1970s home decor magazine, but many designs are decidedly contemporary and stylish. Whether you’re looking for a hanging lamp with a traditional round shade or you’re looking for a metal and glass modern fixture, you should look at new swag lamp designs.

Vintage Hanging Swag Lamps

The difference between swag lamps and other hanging lamps might not be obvious at a glance. But there’s actually an easy way to tell them apart. You’ll find that even lighting stores might mix up the terms for all types of hanging lamps even though that’s incorrect. Pendant lights are simple hanging lights with one bulb or a small fixture at the end of a cord or chain. A chandelier is like a pendant, but it ends it set of branches or arms that each contain a light or lights. Bigger crystal fixtures have many layers or levels of these extended lights.

22 Inspiration Gallery from Swag Lamps For Convenient Lighting

Image of: Plug In Swag Lamps Chandeliers
Image of: Antique Swag Lamps
Image of: Attractive Swag Lamps
Image of: Best Swag Lamps
Image of: Swag Lamps That Plug In
Image of: Vintage Swag Lamps
Image of: Swag Lamps Ideas
Image of: Swag Lamps
Image of: Hanging Swag Lamp
Image of: Swag Lamps Lowes
Image of: Plug In Hanging Lamps Swag Lamps
Image of: Swag Lamps Design
Image of: Swag Lamp Kit
Image of: Beautiful Swag Lamps
Image of: Swag Lamps That Plug Into Wall Ideas
Image of: Plug In Swag Lamp
Image of: Vintage Swag Lamps Bulb
Image of: Bamboo Swag Lamps
Image of: Plug In Swag Lamps
Image of: Images Of Swag Lamps
Image of: Vintage Hanging Swag Lamps
Image of: Flower Swag Lamps
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Swag lamps are hanging lights, as well, however rather than simply hanging down from the roof, they accompany a few feet of line or chain. It’s this, and the fact that they’re not actually mounted and installed in the ceiling, that sets them apart. The cord runs through a hook or loop that’s installed in the ceiling and then drapes or “swags” over to a wall, where it hangs down and plugs into a standard wall outlet. The cord that runs from the loop to the wall is typically draped with quite a bit of slack rather than stretched flush against the ceiling. It’s that drape or “swag” that gives the light a distinctive look.

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